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PPSR Build 8.0.1 release

Last Updated: Aug 14, 2019 05:19PM NZST

Updates to the PPSR system are planned for release for public testing and production use on these dates:

Sandbox environment 12 Aug 2019 10:30 - 11:30am
Production release outage 21 Aug 2019 21:00 - 23:00pm

This release is primarily aimed at web UI fixes and background improvements. A small number of items are related to API operations as detailed below. API customers can test their software in sandbox in advance of the production release.


Update 14 August 2019: NZPPSR-4641 has been removed from this release and RPPSR-1265 has been added.

Reference API operation Summary Impact on API use
RPPSR-795 PPSR_02 PPSR_02 consumer should not be charged a fee when retrieving subsequent pages A new parameter is available in PPSR_02 to support pagination of search results. See below for additional details.
NZPPSR-4641 PPSR_17 Debtorname/reference are not being populated in PPSR notification emails by API transactions No change to API behaviour. The email that may optionally be sent after registration will now include the debtor name and reference.
NZPPSR-4628 PPSR_03 PPSR system should not do any validation on VIN details when a collateral is removed from a financing statement via web or API amendment. Amendments using PPSR_03 will no longer fail if other collateral in the financing statement has invalid VIN details.
RPPSR-1265 PPSR_17 Error message related to NZBN validity is returned in several circumstances where the error is not applicable, including when incorporation number is provided instead of NZBN.

Fix - improved error messages where registration is not completed due to issues with debtor business details.
Confusion to users as NZBN appears mandatory when not.  API consumers unable to provide specific guidance to their users with generic errors as to what the actual issue is.

PPSR_02 searchId parameter

PPSR_02 now accepts an optional searchId parameter in the request. This allows software to send the ID of a previous search that a user has run and get the summary details of the results as returned in the original search. The API user is not charged an additional fee for a new search.


This allows PPSR software to use pagination of search summary results. Instead of getting all search results in a single response the page and pageSize parameters can be set in the request to return a smaller set of results, and subsequent requests using searchId and incremented page values can be sent to get additional results when required.


When searchId is used any other search parameters are ignored. Search results are those returned at the time of the original search, so will not return any matching financing statements registered since the original search.  


Example request

A search has been submitted with pageSize set to 10 results per page and 65 results were found. Details of 10 financing statements were returned, along with a searchId value of 56068.


To get the second page of results send a PPSR_02 request with the searchId parameter set:


  "billingReference": "PPSR search test 001",
  "legitimateSearchReason": "yes",
  "page": 2,
  "pageSize": 10

Results will be returned in the normal PPSR_02 format. No additional search fee is charged when the searchId request parameter is used.

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