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PPSR build 7.0.3 release

Last Updated: Mar 12, 2019 01:45PM NZDT

Updates to the PPSR system are planned for release for public testing and production use on these dates:

Sandbox environment Completed 27 February 2019
Production release outage 13 March 2019 9:00pm - 14 March 2019 1:00am (NZDT)

Build 7.0.3 is focused on improved API performance when working with financing statements that have large numbers of collateral items (e.g. over 1,000 items) and many versions (e.g. over 500 versions).


This release also includes web UI corrections and internal system changes. Items related to API operations are detailed below for customers to test in sandbox in advance of the production release.

Reference API operation Summary Impact on response content
RPPSR-559 PPSR_03, PPSR_15 billingReference and paymentResultId, externalFilingReference missing in response billingReference, paymentResultId, externalFilingReference attributes will now be returned after a PPSR_03 amendment where applicable
RPPSR-667 PPSR_01, PPSR_40, PPSR_03, PPSR_15, PPSR_16 Inconsistent capitalisation used in version history descriptions Text of history AmendmentReason value "Financing Statement Unsubordination" has been capitalised
RPPSR-952 PPSR_17, 34 Suburb name with city town when request called with dpid Address suburb text is no longer populated with city/town name if the official NZ Post address does not have a suburb
RPPSR-973 PPSR_45 Link attribute incorrect GET /customer organisation now returns a correct link.href value
RPPSR-995 PPSR_34 Validation errors for firstName and lastName attributes are not included in the response if other validation errors also exist  
RPPSR-1096 PPSR_01, PPSR_40 Performance issues when retrieving details for financing statements with large version history or many collateral sets PPSR_01 will now return details of only the last 100 version changes
RPPSR-1193 PPSR_02 Possible missing information: cityTown for debtors In some search results the debtor cityTown attribute was null, this will now be populated in all situations
RPPSR-1295 PPSR_01, PPSR_38 Operations which retrieve large amounts of data and longer such as PPSR_38 too slow to respond  
NZPPSR-4595 PPSR_45 PPSR GET customer-organisation query dependent on address lookup and returns errors if the address service is unavailable  
NZPPSR-4541 PPSR_03 Amendment returns 201 response when update not successful due to invalid collateral year. If collateral item with a future year is removed in an amendment the response will indicate success, though the amendment has not been completed.  
NZPPSR-4548 PPSR_56 Additional transaction logging details available to API users GET /customer-organisation-transactions will return further transaction types:
  • listCustomerOrgFees
  • viewCurrentUser
  • viewFs
  • viewFsVersions
  • viewOrg
  • viewOrgUserById
  • viewOrgUsers
  • viewReferenceData
  • viewSpg

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