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API Explorer: Using the Site

Last Updated: Mar 08, 2018 05:01PM NZDT

API Explorer is the location for information on a range of business facing APIs provided by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.


You can browse to find APIs that could be useful to integrate into your own software, get full technical information, subscribe to APIs, and get assistance from our API Customer Support Team. It is also the place where draft API definitions for new services are published for public consideration.


Explore APIs

You can see a list of APIs arranged by business category by choosing the APIs link in the navigation bar on any page, or from the Explore APIs link on the home page. Choosing any category will show a list of all APIs available in that business area.


Select an API to show an explanation of what the API does and what the endpoints are for test and production environments. To get more technical detail select the Documentation link under the API name.


Subscribe to an API

There are two ways to request access to an API, the API's overview will explain which method to use.


Most APIs require approval before you can start using the API in either test or production environments. When approval is required you will be asked to submit a signed API Access Agreement.


1. Older APIs have a short form to complete, which raises a request for our API Customer Support Team to set up an API test account. After you've completed testing you can contact the support team again by email to request production access.


2. Other APIs require you to log in to API Explorer. There is a Subscribe button for logged in users that will send a request for approval.



Some APIs require you to be an online user of a website associated with the API (e.g. to use the patent and trade mark APIs you need to be an IPONZ customer). In this situation you will receive an automated email after requesting subscription, which gives instructions on how to provide details of the account that you have with that website.


Our API Customer Support Team may contact you for further information, including a signed API Access Agreement, before approval can be granted.


Once approved you will receive notification by email and will be able to use the API in test (sandbox) and production environments. You will see the API in the My Subscriptions page.


Prototyped APIs

Draft API designs may be published in advance of an API release in order to get public feedback on the design before the API is built. Finalised designs may also be published for developers to get technical details of an API before it is launched for public use.


The Prototyped APIs section of API Explorer shows all current draft APIs. These will generally include an API definition in Open API Specification (Swagger) form, some supporting documentation, the version of the draft, and instructions for how to provide feedback.

Prototyped APIs will usually allow users to send requests to the API and get a mock response in return to give an example of the planned API behaviour.


Using APIs

Once you have been subscribed to an API you can send requests to the endpoint shown on the API's overview page. You will need to include the appropriate authentication credentials in the request. APIs that use OAuth2 authentication are shown in the My Subscriptions page along with the details you need to generate the OAuth token for test and production environments.

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